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5 Things I Love This Week

Sunday, 7 January 2018
I can't quite believe that the first week of 2018 is now over. I can already tell this year is going to be like the last: very busy, very exciting but also very quick.

Work on the house is currently at a standstill at the moment while we wait for the boring - but ever so necessary - work on the boiler to be completed. In the meantime, I've been finding so much beautiful home inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, and I thought what better place to get all my thoughts, plans and interior loves out than on this blog?

So, without further ado, here are 5 things I've loved this week.

1. Neutral but intricate bathrooms

There's something so satisfying about a neutral colour palette for a room. This bathroom snap found on Studio McGee's Instagram has completely won me over and will definitely influence the way we design our ensuite (which we're currently in the process of doing at the moment). I just love the blend of the small, intricate details in the wallpaper against the bold block-colour vanity unit.

2. White panel doors

I'm thrilled because I think we've finally found the doors we'd like to use throughout the house. The decision to go with white doors has been a tough one as we both love the look of solid oak doors too. However, we've both fell in love with the look of the 4 Panel Shaker Door by Howdens and what's more, there's even a fire door option (something we will need when we add the access door to the garage!)

3. Blue bedroom details

I just love the blend of bright blue pillows against the neutral headboard and light walls. Blue is definitely one of the colours I hope to incorporate into our bedroom (once it's finished).

4. Mixology candles

I was gifted one of Marks & Spencer's mixology candles for Christmas and I'm in love. Not only are the candles really fragrant, but they all come in beautiful packaging too. I received the mojito candle, inspired by my favourite cocktail, but there's also gin and tonic, bellini and 'fizz' options available.

5. Large co-ordinating artwork

Finally, I've been collecting ideas for artwork to hang around the house. I love these large floral prints used by Studio McGee so much that I'm hoping to create my own... I just need some A3 paper and watercolours first!

One Month Home Update

Monday, 1 January 2018
Photo credit: House of Jade Interiors
It's been one month since David and I officially moved into our new home. It's been a busy month, with my 23rd birthday, Christmas, getting Evie, and even appearing in the Financial Times all happening throughout December! David also earned a promotion this month which was just the cherry on the top of what has been an incredible end to 2017.

We've made a big start on the house renovations. It's slowly - but ever so surely - getting there, and I'm excited for the day when I can finally start decorating each room. So far, we've already painted one of the spare bedrooms (what we're planning will be our home office), ripped out the ensuite, and made a start on the hallway. We've had a few hiccups along the way (most involving the old boiler and central heating system which came with the house), but we're hoping to fully kickstart the renovations in the new year, beginning with the replacement of the boiler.

As we've started to decorate the house, Pinterest and Instagram have become my favourite new sites for home inspiration and renovation tips. In particular, I've fallen in love with the bright, airy and neutral spaces created by interior design firm Studio McGee. Everything they do is incredible and I'm definitely using their portfolio and projects as inspiration for our own home decor.

I've already spotted Studio McGee inspired floor tiles and an under-the-sink basin for our ensuite and I'm now trying to piece together the final touches (i.e. wall lighting, colour of the taps and ventilation light, etc). I'm hoping that I will be able to share our completed ensuite soon!

Before: our very white, very bland ensuite with a very leaky shower. Currently: the shower and toilet have gone, and the wall has been stripped back to the studs, ready for the new plaster boards.

Before: previously, the spare room (our to-be office) was painted an orange cream, had wonky blinds and was fitted with carpet tiles. Currently: the office has been painted an off-white colour, the skirting boards have been glossed again, the plug sockets and light fittings have been replaced, and the carpet tiles are gone for good! 


Saturday, 30 December 2017
I thought it was only right that the very first post on this blog was dedicated to our newest family member: a flighty, fluffy and fearless little cockapoo called Evie, who we brought home on Christmas Eve.

David and I had been contemplating getting a dog for a little while after we moved into our home earlier this month. The house, though giving us the space and peace we initially sought after, was feeling a little lifeless, and, having both lived with dogs, it only felt natural to welcome our own into our home.

I still, however, can't believe that we actually did it and that we have our own little puppy to take care of (and to keep us awake all night!) We've only had her a little over a week but she's already stole our hearts. We're so thrilled with how she's settled in; she's met both our families (who are equally as excited by her as we are), she's tried chewing everything she can get her sharp teeth on, and is already familiarising herself with her crate. I can't wait to see how she reacts when we take her for her very first walk in the new year.